Welcome to Honeyflower!  Honeyflower products are handmade in Newburyport, Massachusetts with a focus on attention to detail and functionality.  The products you will find here are fun, colorful and most of all – practical goods for your baby and toddler, and mamas (and papas) too!  All items have been product tested in the real world to make sure they really do the job they are designed for!  You’ll find high quality 100% cotton designer fabrics used throughout the line, as well as some vintage and organic fabrics.

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My local presence in my hometown is also important to me and my business. I love the idea of my customers being local, and supporting local businesses, so I choose to sell my product primarily in my hometown and close surrounding towns. The town that I live in has a tremendously supportive community of parents raising their children, and I’m thrilled to be able to provide high quality products to my neighbors.  I am also inspired by such a supportive online community and my customers here inspire me to keep improving my designs every day!