Rain Rain, Go Away

And no, you really don’t need to come back another day.  At least not for a while.  I’m sitting here in my mostly empty studio, with 3 buckets under major leaks catching water from the ceiling.  The brown stains on my ceiling are growing by the second, and my mood is growing more and moreContinue reading “Rain Rain, Go Away”

A Walk Through my Creative Realm

Today I thought I’d give you a little tour of my own personal piece of heaven on earth – my studio.  This is where it all happens.  And this is where I spend all my free time when I’m not working, eating, sleeping or working out.  I have to say, all thanks go to myContinue reading “A Walk Through my Creative Realm”

Busy week…or 2?

Wow, it’s February – the longest shortest month ever in existence.  I am determined to survive February 2010, and so far so good.  Minus this lurking feeling that I am coming down with something … I’ll just keep popping those fantastic chinese herbs my acupuncturist gave me and hope for the best. So, Alex hasContinue reading “Busy week…or 2?”

Quilted Inspiration

So, my sewing endeavors are expanding.  For Christmas this year, Alex got me a serger AND a leather sewing machine.  He is so excited to see my capabilities expand, and he is right – those machines will definitely expand my abilities!  I did sew my first leather bag, but it wasn’t exactly perfect.  There isContinue reading “Quilted Inspiration”