Falling Behind … Apparently!

Well, that’s a shocker – last post is a month ago?!   Where oh where has the time gone?  It certainly has been an adventure filled month, that’s for sure!  Last post was after our trip to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Since then I have: Spent 3 days in Acadia working, hiking and kayakingContinue reading “Falling Behind … Apparently!”

Summer in New England

It’s good living in New England, I must say.  Especially this summer.  Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, is happy right now.  We have had an amazingly wonderful summer thus far weather- wise.  And I don’t think I can jinx it at this point.  We deserve it.  It’s been so spectacularly gorgeous, and hard not to takeContinue reading “Summer in New England”

Trip Report – Pemi Traverse July 23, 2010

After the Presi Traverse in all of it’s success and glory, my sweet, not-competitive-at-all Alex got the idea in his head to try doing a traverse of the Pemigewasset Wilderness (otherwise known as ‘The Pemi’).  The Pemi is located between 93 and Route 302 (which is where we ended up on the Presi Traverse).  TheContinue reading “Trip Report – Pemi Traverse July 23, 2010”

Trip Report – Presi Traverse June 2010

The plan was hatched on our annual Katahdin trip in 2009, as a group of us were making our way up Pamola Peak.  Alex is a ‘big picture’ guy, with a ‘bigger, better, longer, faster’ mentality that made the trip a reality.  Alex and I couldn’t resist the fact that the summer solstice in 2010Continue reading “Trip Report – Presi Traverse June 2010”