Periodization of Life

At least it’s not just me.  Last night, after 2 hours of cruising town, sniffing bushes and chewing branches the dog was STILL nutso.  Chasing her tail in circles, sprinting through the house, chasing the cats, chewing on Miss Lily’s tail.  I was thinking to myself, wow, I sure know that feeling.  The snow isContinue reading “Periodization of Life”

Extended Franconia Ridge Traverse

When Hurricane Earl threatened to bring rain over Labor Day weekend, we modified our plans to stick closer to home.  Original plan was to head north to the Bigelow Range by Flagstaff Lake in Maine.  But we put that off until the following weekend and came up with a last minute plan for a dayContinue reading “Extended Franconia Ridge Traverse”

Summer in New England

It’s good living in New England, I must say.  Especially this summer.  Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, is happy right now.  We have had an amazingly wonderful summer thus far weather- wise.  And I don’t think I can jinx it at this point.  We deserve it.  It’s been so spectacularly gorgeous, and hard not to takeContinue reading “Summer in New England”