Sunshine and Flowers

Not much happening here in the crafting world.  I think there’s too much going on elsewhere for me to really get focused in my studio.  It’s kind of driving me nuts.  I head upstairs every night, only to find myself standing in the closet doorway to my fabric, just looking.  Imagining all that I could, should and want to be creating.  Or, I will take out every skein of yarn that I own and lay it out on the floor, sniff it, touch it and then put it back again.  And then I find myself sitting at the computer, browsing the web for more wedding ideas, more information about wedding planning, more more more wedding wedding wedding.  It’s all good.  I have to say. All is going swimmingly in the planning department.  I am on the very tail end of getting a caterer, which has been – by far – the most painful part of this process.  So – that is good news. Then the fun can begin, and I can start making stuff for the wedding!  I did settle on a fabric for the wedding, and it’s not the Liz Scott line as I mentioned prior.  I went with Valori Wells Jenaveve linen line – all greens.  My inspiration came the other morning on my drive to work.  Last week was pretty dreary – but suddenly on Friday, the skies cleared and the sun came out.  Not only did the sun come out, but all the leaves were beginning to pop on all the trees and bushes, it was just a spectacular vision of beautiful new greens.  And I decided to go back to my original idea of greens as my colors.  Not one single green, but many various ones, like you would see on a sunny spring day.  That was a nice conclusion to come to.  Here’s a photo of some of the fabrics:

Loving the various greens to work with.

In other news, spring is here.  Mesa got her first haircut – she looks silly.  She also has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease – (grrrr, how I HATE ticks!!).  She had her first boat ride, her first sniff of flowers, taste of New England grass.  She’s a happy girl.

And, my gardens are going off!  A sure sign that spring is here to stay.  My tulips are painting my gardens with gorgeous colors, and yesterday I planted my beets, radishes, mesclun mix, lettuce, and swiss chard.  Pretty exciting.  So glad that spring is here to stay.  I hope all your gardens are thriving too!

Recovery & Next Projects

It was a slow, tired week – my mental and physical states feeling the toll of our epic hike.  It always takes an equal amount out of me mentally to achieve physical challenges.  I’ve been pretty tired all week – at least not all that motivated to exercise.  Alex and I did race a 5k in Newburyport on Tuesday just because it was local, and we did pretty well.  Nothing outstanding considering it was 90 degrees out.  And a mountain bike ride last night to stretch the legs, I FELT mentally awesome – really feeling the fitness from all these endurance events – but my physical body was not ready for it.  We had to split off from the main group because I felt like I was going to faint – WTF?  So bummer there.  I’m still not sure where that came from …

But in other news, my inspiration in my studio has been good, thankfully.  I’m getting back into the creative groove and it’s been going well.  Most of my creations have been for babies – LOTS of new babies!  So Lucy, my niece gets all sorts of goodies (she’s on to grabbing things now, so that’s fun!), Phoebe the geographically closest baby gets all my experiments (slings, etc), and the newest, Casey is getting a little something.  The unborn are also a big focus – baby shower this coming weekend.  So needless to say, busy sewing baby stuff!  It is fun, though – the projects are small and take very little time so it’s really rewarding.  Big bang for your buck.  Here’s a glimpse or two:

For the latest, Casey (crib quilt underway):

For the next girl (portable changing pad and not pictured – matching swaddler, from this book):

Phoebe (asleep in her new sling – she’s not super fond of it- I think she likes to be more upright!):

Lucy (eating her new toy, from this pattern):

Look at her!!! Can you believe the smile???!

So on to the weekend.  So glad it’s here.  It’s going to be yet another gorgeous weekend so am planning many outdoor activities.  Tomatoes are just starting to ripen, cukes are going crazy, eggplant and peppers are just about ready to harvest, potatoes too.  And LOADS of basil!!!

Life is good.  🙂  Enjoy the weekend.

Still Alive!

I am still alive, have been busy busy busy enjoying a REAL summer here in New England.  It’s been perfectly hot and humid here – just like summer’s should be.  Can’t believe I haven’t posted since early June!  Wowzers!  Since then, we have done a LOT.

  • traveled to Flagstaff to see my brother, sister-in-law and my lil’ niece Lucy
  • while there, fell absolutely in love with my niece, enjoyed the great company of my bro and sister (in-law), visited the Grand Canyon, hiked a 14 mile point-to-point at elevation (high point, 12,000′), logged 50 miles of mountain biking, drank too much good beer, camped in the shadow of Humphrey’s, sat around a campfire, ate amazing food, relaxed
  • Upon our return, we organized and accomplished  a 20 mile Presidential Traverse, which consisted of 10 peaks, 8 4,o00’ers and 12 hours of above treeline views and terrain.
  • My garden is now producing: cucumbers, potatoes, basil, thyme.  Tomatoes are green, peppers are tiny, and eggplant is just starting, but they’re coming!
  • Raced my first Sprint tri of the season, 10th overall for women, 2nd best women’s bike time for the day!
  • Worked on & finished lots of projects!
  • My friend Becky FINALLY had her baby, Phoebe!

So yeah, I’ve been busy.  Here are a few pictures of what’s been underway, enjoy!

It’s all happening!

Well, no time to blog these days, because during the daylight hours I’m either on the trail riding my bike, dirty hands deep in the dirt, or busy working my day job making trails, managing a community garden, making maps and all that good stuff. And in the evenings if there’s time and I’m not too exhausted, I’ll sneak up to my studio for an hour or 2 and work away at projects.

I haven’t shared any garden pictures, so that’s first:

Here’s my veggie garden.  For the last 2 years I’ve been using a technique called Square Foot Gardening.  It seems to fit well with my rather small garden.  We certainly get enough veggies from it!  Especially with the veggies we get from our CSA at Green Meadows Farm in Hamilton. This year  I planted: potatoes, tomatoes (5 varieties), peppers, cucumbers, basil, thyme, eggplant, onions, chives, cilantro.  Looks so pretty and tame right now.

This is what it ended up looking like last year, and that was with a terrible growing season:

Not too bad actually!

And I’ll upload pics from the perennial gardens once I download them from our new camera!  Heart wide angle lens!

We went to Maine for Memorial Day weekend and had a great time with my folks, and also had a great hike in my favorite Notch – Evans Notch. Evans Notch is nestled right in between Maine and New Hampshire.  It’s not off the main drag so it’s not as busy as the White’s but just as spectacular, if not more so.  Here are some highlights:

That’s the trail we came down.  It was a lot of fun.

So for projects, I’ve been keeping busy.  Still working on my wonky log cabin quilt – I just need to put the final outside border on and then quilt and bind it.  Shouldn’t take long but it’s on hold.  Here’s it almost to the point it is right now, I do love it:

And my friend is having a baby any day – she’s naming her Phoebe, so couldn’t resist making her a “Tweet Tweet” crib quilt:

Lots of other stuff going on, so more to come SOON!  Enjoy the day.

xo ~ Kate