Recovery & Next Projects

It was a slow, tired week – my mental and physical states feeling the toll of our epic hike.  It always takes an equal amount out of me mentally to achieve physical challenges.  I’ve been pretty tired all week – at least not all that motivated to exercise.  Alex and I did race a 5kContinue reading “Recovery & Next Projects”

It’s all happening!

Well, no time to blog these days, because during the daylight hours I’m either on the trail riding my bike, dirty hands deep in the dirt, or busy working my day job making trails, managing a community garden, making maps and all that good stuff. And in the evenings if there’s time and I’m notContinue reading “It’s all happening!”

Wonkiness – I’m a natural

So this is funny.  I’ve been on a learning curve in this quilting world, and recently discovered that people actually intentionally add ‘wonk’ to their quilts to make them look more home grown.  I have never found anything more amusing.  I must be really lucky, because I’m a natural!  But I call them MISTAKES notContinue reading “Wonkiness – I’m a natural”