Country Candy Quilt… and other news!

My crafting has taken a complete backseat over the past couple of weeks as there have been some major developments in other aspects of life.  But … I did start a quilt back in March, and finally finished sewing together the quilt top.  And I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out.  The fabricContinue reading “Country Candy Quilt… and other news!”

Rainbow block baby quilt and puppy

During the last finishing stages on my mom’s birthday quilt, my friend Ida in Minnesota had a baby girl.  She didn’t find out the gender, so I was waiting until the baby was born to make something.  When I found out it was a girl, well – I had a great project in mind.  BasedContinue reading “Rainbow block baby quilt and puppy”

Where have I been?

Well, I haven’t forgotten about this here blog, but I’ve certainly not had enough time to keep up!  A little four legged creature has been occupying a lot of my free time over the last 4 months, but finally things are starting to return to normal.  Our ‘new’ furry friend is Mesa, an amazing mixedContinue reading “Where have I been?”