Rain Rain, Go Away

And no, you really don’t need to come back another day.  At least not for a while.  I’m sitting here in my mostly empty studio, with 3 buckets under major leaks catching water from the ceiling.  The brown stains on my ceiling are growing by the second, and my mood is growing more and more sour with every drip.  We’ve had epic rain and wind over the past few days, and not too long before that we had another crazy wind/rain storm.  This isn’t the March that I’m used to!  So my sewing/quilting projects are currently on hold.  We got home from a little visit to West Paris last night, only to find my studio wooly bear carpet DRENCHED through and through with the lovely icky reddish brown water leaking from my ceiling light.  It must have weighed 50 lbs with the water.  Of course I ran downstairs to check the bedroom below, and the water had not only seeped through my carpet, but also my floor, onto the corner of our bed below and the carpet.  What a mess!!  Right now Alex is in his studio and I’m in mine, both of us with our own set of buckets and sour moods.  Tonight I’m having a big glass of red wine and taking my new yarn and hunkering down.  But I’ll write here a little more.

On a better note, my friend Lisa and I participated in a very fun day this past Friday.  A little local yarn shop in Salem organized this lovely thing called a Yarn Crawl.  A bunch of shops on the North Shore participated and over the course of Thursday-Sunday, the goal was to visit as many yarn shops as possible.  Since I was traveling this weekend, I opted to take Friday off from work and have a nice day with a dear friend.  Each shop had their own specials running and for participating, each person gets entered into larger raffles.  Keep your fingers crossed!!  So, my big (and really only) purchase for the day was this lovely beaded silk in a spectacular range of pinks.  Perfect for spring.  I am making pretty good progress on a very nice bias scarf.  I also finished my other spring scarf and it is being blocked as we speak.  I made it  with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in a nice creamy white color.  It’s very pretty.

I’m also working on 2 quilts – 1 is a beachy-type vintage quilt (I think I mentioned it before), and the other is my very own design, and with the pictures I will also post the pattern.  Weee!

Ok, I’m feeling a little better now – must be the wine.  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 60 and hopefully I’ll be able to dry my rug out in the great outdoors, and cheer up my damp mood.

Good night all.


This was a pretty busy week – lots going on in the evenings and settling back in to having Alex at home finally.  Hard to believe that it takes a week or 2 to reacquaint myself with having someone in the house with me.  So this week I didn’t get much in the way of sewing done.  I did finish a bag for MYSELF that I actually really like – LOVE the colors and it seems to be working ok, although I must say that I think I might be a small bag kind of girl.  I am enticed by large satchels that can carry my knitting and my water bottle, along with all the essentials like iphone, wallet, keys, 10 sticks of chapstick, pens, checkbook, hand cream, etc … but I find myself digging, and digging and DIGGING around in the larger bags trying to find something I just stuck in there.  Can you say frustrating???  So that may be the only shortcoming of this new bag – it isn’t huge, but it’s bigger than the last and seems to have a little bit of a black hole issue.  Here’s a pic:

But I like it.  So that’s good.  Last bag I made did not work out for me so I’m a little happier now.

I did finally finish my black sweater, which I do like, but I am waiting for someone to compliment it before I am completely convinced.  Feels maybe a little saggy??  Hmmm… we shall see.

So, I got reading glasses this week.  My eye dr thought maybe it would help with my headaches.  I’m not sure they are really doing much, they DO magnify things which seems to help relax my eyes, but otherwise they are more of an accessory than anything.  Alex likes them though – he thinks they’re sexy so if he’s happy, fine by me!  🙂  But I have been using them while reading in the tub – lots of baths this week.  I am slowly plugging away on a 900 + page book called Shantaram, which is a novel that is based on fact.  It’s very interesting and I’m more than half way through.  A couple hours in the tub a night will help with that.  Not so good for the wine drinking moderation though.  Good books = 2 glasses of wine in a 2 hour bath.  I highly recommend the book – don’t be daunted by it’s length.

I did get a chance to work on my knitting this week – I am working on a new project for a good family friend, and I’m really excited about it.  It’s the first time I’ve worked with Noro yarn and it’s a treat!  I’m always looking forward to the color changing, and the colorway I’m working with is spectacular.

So it makes working on that project a lot of fun.  I’m not exactly sure what the final product is going to look like, but it’s going to be beautiful, whatever it is.

I put together some fabrics for a beach quilt – but didn’t start working on it because it is, afterall, still winter.  And I have about a dozen other projects that have higher priority, I just need to put the pieces together.  The fabric I got from my mom, it’s very old as you can see.  I think it’ll be a perfect beach quilt.    Here’s the beach quilt fabrics (come on summer!!):

So for this week, I hope to keep plugging away on the Noro project, put together some fabrics for a couple of quilts, get my ass out of the sewing room and into the gym, and work on a spring scarf for me.

Oh yeah, one last thing, I made a skirt, with a ZIPPER!!!!!  I love love love it (the boots too!!), check it out:

The zipper came out perfectly and it fits really well, and I actually did an ok job sewing it!  That was last week’s project, almost forgot all about it!

Well, Alex got a new computer today and he’ll probably be home any minute to show it off, so I’m going to sign off.  Have a great rest of the weekend!

Busy week…or 2?

Wow, it’s February – the longest shortest month ever in existence.  I am determined to survive February 2010, and so far so good.  Minus this lurking feeling that I am coming down with something … I’ll just keep popping those fantastic chinese herbs my acupuncturist gave me and hope for the best.

So, Alex has been in China since the 30th, which while I miss him very much, has left me with loads of creative time.  I basically have been working out/eating/doing errands as soon as possible after work, then locking myself upstairs, only to venture down for the occasional glass of vino and bathroom breaks.  I’ve been doing some cool stuff, at least I think so.  It’s certainly not perfect, but I’m improving with every step.

One of my first projects last weekend was to make Alex something – finally!  I never get to make him anything, knitted or sewn.  I did make him a pair of comfy pants, my first sewing project and thank goodness they were comfy pants – they were gigantic!!  But he wears them despite their size.  Since then, I’ve attempted many knit hats without success on finding the perfect black, brimmed hat pattern.  I’ve managed, however, to make one for every else I know, with perfection.  Sigh.  So with Alex gone, the first thing I did was clean and ORGANIZE the house, top to bottom.  Well, ok – only 1 1/2 of the 3 floors, but nonetheless, I cleaned ruthlessly.  It took me ALL DAY last Saturday.  What a drag, but it was worth it.  The house looks great, and I am finally beginning to feel like we have a nice space up here after our move in July.  Wow, has it really been that long?  I think when Alex is here and I want to clean, I just get snippy if he’s not helping, so if I am alone, there’s no question as to who’s doing what and when… so good things do come of that.  But in this process, I found that we really needed a centralized spot to drop our mail, keys, phones and other things that we want access to regularly but don’t necessarily look very good. For the longest time we had just piled stuff on the bookshelves in the living room.  Not very sightly.  So I made a change, and I had an idea to make something for my honey to keep his things in:

Of course black was the color of choice, Alex’s favorite … and it’s a wool on the outside with a black canvas lining.  Hopefully will help him find his organized place.

I also have been wanting to try making a quilted rug – for in front of our kitchen sink.  So … that is underway, I got a little hung up on the binding but it’s 95% of the way there.  Here’s how the design looks:

And tonight I made a skirt – with my serger!!! It came out pretty cute, and accidentally ruffly on the bottom.  Check it:

I’ve also painstakingly gone through all my fabric and organized the scraps by color and gotten ride of any extraneous fabrics that I will never use.  That’s been a good process, because it has brought lots of inspiration.  Been thinking about all the things I can create… too bad there wasn’t more time in the day.  Here are my neatly folded stacks:

I’ve also been working on my yarn collection – coming up with projects that can use all those little scraps of yarn and half skeins … any good ideas out there? I like the crocheted flowers for coasters idea:

But some good one skein or less projects would be oh so helpful.  I’m working on my 2nd knitting pattern ever, we’ll see how it comes out this weekend.  I’m also determined to finish the sweater I started over Christmas – just need to do the sleeves, so easy!  But kind of boring.  I am such an ADD knitter!  I wish I could be more determined to finish projects… but with that said, I FINALLY finished that darned black double-sided cable scarf I was working on – by making it into a cowl.  But I LOVE it!!!  So I’m pretty happy with that.

In other news, I got out on my mountain bike for the first time this year with my friend Justine.  I am determined to remind myself of how much I love that sport.  I didn’t get to do much of it last year because of half ironman training and I missed it!  But everyone else was in such good mountain biking shape by the time that I could ride again it was humbling.  So this year I’m determined to ride my mountain bike lots!

Well, off to maybe finish my sweater in front of some crappy TV before my body quits for the day.

Baby Girls, Everywhere!

So many people I know are having (or have had) baby girls in the past year!  There’s Tess, Sophia, Lily and soon to be 3 more!  So 6 little girls to make pretty things for.  I’m keeping busy.  This past weekend, I finished a matching sweater for little Lily (I just adore that name).  I made her a hat way before she was even born back in October.  It’s still a bit too big for her, but she should be able to wear the sweater and the hat at the same time.

I also whipped up a little flannel quilt for playing on the floor and cuddling in.  It’s pretty darn pink.

I just hope that it’s not too much pink.  It’s so hard to resist pretty pink for little girls, especially with all the great fabrics out there!  Here’s a little glimpse at my flannel stash.  Mmmm, so warm and cuddly! Next up, another quilt out of the fabric on the right.

I finished a bag I was working on, from the book Seams to Me, by Anna Maria Horner.  Love that book!  I’m happy with the bag, but should have used the heavyweight fusing the pattern called for.  I was just being lazy… So next time, more structure.  I’m also working on another secret project from that book.   I can’t show it until I give it away, it’s a gift for a special person!

Looks like I’ll have to post the pics from that project later, connection speed has been pathetically slow, plus I have some sewing and knitting to do!  And I should probably consider making some dinner.  Oh – and I need to tell you all about the books I recently got!  So much inspiration now, too much to put in just one post.

Beginning to look like Christmas

Last weekend was an insane project weekend: knit 2 scarves & knit (and then frogged) 2 hats, sewed a basket & comfy pants, made an idea board, whew! Also finished off a couple of other projects- headband, fixed a hat, finished another scarf. Getting close!! Now I just want to make more, Christmas is going to be such a spread of everyone’s beautiful handiwork!! Cannot wait to share all I’ve been working on.

So still to go:
2prs wrist warmers
1-2 scarves
What else…

Then some stuff for me, can’t wait to actually enjoy my own work!!

Will post pics soon.