Sun hats are back! Must really be spring…

The first Newburyport Farmer’s Market of the season is coming up on April 14, just 2 1/2 weeks away! So excited that Honeyflower is participating in that event again this year. I had such great success (and fun) last year – I’m hoping this year will be equally as fun. I’ve been busily gearing up for the market, trying to generate a backstock of inventory so I can free up some of my time between markets for new projects and other activities.

Getting to the other news though, I have lots of new merchandise this season! Tons of new fabrics in great colors and patterns, including more PINK this year! I heard a lot of feedback from you all that my color ranges were distinctly lacking in that wonderful girly color we all love. Well, you won’t be disappointed by the colors available this season.

I know many of you will be happy to know that I’ve restocked (and redesigned) the reversible sun hats you all adored last year, and this year they are in 3 sizes (18″, 19″, 20″) and lots of great colors and patterns! (Think elephants, turtles, bikes, sea greens, magentas, oranges, blues…!) New features include REVERSIBLE straps with a velcro under-the-chin closure. The rough side of the velcro faces away from your baby’s soft skin so there should be no irritation from the strap. Straps are made out of a soft cotton twill, and can easily be tucked away for those ‘cooperative’ babies who don’t mind wearing hats. I’ll be showing sneak peaks of other new merchandise over the next 2 1/2 weeks, so stay tuned…!


You can see in the 2 photos below that by using a buttonhole, you can reverse the strap for use on both sides!



As I’m sure you all feel similarly, I can’t say enough how happy I am that Spring has arrived. Although it was a great winter filled with firsts with our little one, it was long and grueling weather-wise – more-so than usual! I am thrilled to see my daffodils starting to make their way up out of the ground and the snow to finally melt completely off the ground. I hope you all are enjoying the tiny taste of Spring we’ve had these last couple of days and here’s hoping we’ll get a beautiful, warm and sunny April. (Hoping I don’t jinx us by saying that!)

Enjoy your day!

Ecommerce is LIVE and a Spring Sale to Celebrate!

I finally have my very own e-commerce site where you can purchase all Honeyflower product.  Please visit my new shop!  I’m thrilled to be launching this site, it’s been keeping me VERY busy, so busy in fact that I haven’t done much else! I have started prepping inventory for the summer Farmer’s Market, but still a long way to go there.

I finished the quilt I was working on last month, it turned out really great. Stay tuned for photos…

Oh, and check out my sale: all clothing is on sale – 15% off!

Winter Inspiration

Hello all!  Wow, it’s been a busy 4 months.  November and December was a gigantic push to get out a whole bunch of custom orders for the holidays and preparing for a really successful market at the Wenham Shop and Sip event in early December.  About a week after that, we left for the holidays – headed to Arizona to visit family for 10 days.  And when we returned, my son Griffin turned 1, we had a birthday party – and then…. we were sick for almost the rest of the month!  Flu followed by stomach flu, ugh!  Finally we are better and back to life as we knew it back in October!  Ha!  But through it all, I’ve been keeping quite busy.

I’ve been working on a quilt for a good friend of mine’s daughter.  When her daughter was a newborn, I made her a quilt as a gift.  She loved it so much that I’m making her a big girl quilt, based on this pattern.


Given our ‘state’ over the last month, there has been lots of fits and starts and most recently I ran out of the solid Kona snow background that I was using.  So, while I was waiting for more fabric to arrive, I thought I’d take a little inspiration break and make something fresh.

I’ve been enjoying watching the online quilt along for the Scrappy Trip Along.  Instagram has 100’s of photos of this quilt-along, and I couldn’t resist joining in the fun.  I thought I’d start by first making a block and sure enough – I realized what all the hype was.  What fun!  I knew I didn’t have the time to make a full quilt, so I thought some redecorating was necessary.

Remember this quilt?  Oh how I love this quilt.  It is, like I knew it would be, a favorite. Super warm and snuggly, perfect for cold nights in front of the fire knitting.  Our living room was instantly cheered by the bright colors and fun prints on this quilt, I thought doing pillows to match would be a perfect, small project for this quilt-along.  I made a couple of blocks, and added some white sashing and my precious  yarn-dyed essex linen.  It’s a super simple pocket pillow design, no zippers, no frills.  But I’m super happy with the results.


So now, I’m back on finishing up the bunting quilt.  Can’t wait to see the finished results on that one!

In other news, I now have labels, yay!  Totally love them.  They are easy to sew in and just what I hoped for.  Really happy with the results from this company.


And that’s all for now!  Lots of work to do.  Hope you all are finding your own winter inspiration to help pass these dark, cold days of winter.

October Leaves…

Kind of indescribable how fast time moves these days. I find weeks are just vanishing. Like nothing I could have ever imagined in my life pre-baby. I thought just summer’s flew by before. Now you really can’t capture the time flying experience in words. Everyone says parenthood flies by. I can start to see what everyone means! I won’t spend too much time listing off the thousand reasons I’ve been absent here (vacation, moving, chasing a super crawler, crafting, cleaning, transitions, beautiful fall weather, gardening, consulting work, cooking, running, celebrating our anniversary, COMPUTER issues…) but I have been here all along. Still creating like a crazy lady and having a blast doing it all. Every day I feel lucky to be able to have the life that I do. An amazing husband, partner and best friend that I married a year ago on October 8 (wow, really a year has gone by??) A nearly 10 month old baby, owner of a small business- life is pretty good.

I have my second to last market of the season this Sunday. It’s been a great season, definitely exceeded my expectations. I look forward to creating enough inventory to maintain a robust etsy shop over the winter. It’s been tough to do while also having the market monthly. One step at a time!

I’d share photos of the new work I’ve got for Sunday, but my computer is protesting these days (yay, new Macs out next month!!) so I will stick to posting photos on Facebook for now- so please look there! I’ve got new fabric on the old stand by’s- like the grab n’ go. I’ve got appliquéd onesies in various sizes & flannel lined pants. I also have new stuffed owls- super cute & squishy & very huggable. Stop by my booth & take a look! Hope everyone is enjoying the fall. Until next time…!

Another Birthday… and A Time Warp.

I just can’t believe how fast the summer has passed. It feels like just yesterday that we were moving out of our house on Kent Street and into our ‘summer’ digs on Rings Island. But now it’s the end of August and we are scheduled to move back to our home in a month (yay!). Four months, just like that. Which means that Finn has doubled his age since we have been out of our house. Eye opening, really. On the baby front, we now have a sprint crawler. Finn adores racing from one end of the house to the other. And dog toys are the main lure… yikes. And in the last 4 months, Honeyflower has really become a success – a reality at a minimum, and in my mind – truly something I’m proud of. The Farmer’s Market has been a tremendous success – I’ve sold so much of my product and made even more really fantastic connections. I’ve learned so much about what sells, what to do, how to set up my booth, and I’ve become a significantly better sewer. Pretty cool.

Today I want to share my latest project with you, even though it’s something that isn’t for sale. This is a project for me. I’ve been fantasizing about this quilt for quite a while, but I finally got the courage to cut into my fabric stash when I had a little lull between scheduled markets. (of course now, I’m way behind schedule but nothing like a deadline…!) I wanted to go super simple, to show off the very bold and unique fabrics. I cannot resist a good patchwork – I love the zen-like cutting involved and the placing is always something I find very calming (and motivating!). I went with 6 1/2″ squares. I was planning on using the Accuquilt, but I really just wanted to hand cut. I like to watch the stack of squares grow slowly. I used primarily organic fabrics from Birch Fabrics, lots of teals, greens and grays. I find anything with bikes irresistible, and then I added flowers, other two-wheeled objects and critters. LOVE! I was inspired by the rounded edges that this quilt had, and because I wanted it to be very cuddly and blanket-y, I decided to do a flannel backer with a nice layer of batting in the center. I used 3 different colors of flannel, teal, gray and white to match the front. It’s so super soft and deliciously cuddly. I also decided not to quilt it – I just ‘tied’ each corner off with my button sew-on setting on my machine so that it would stay together nicely. I like the look of the squares without much quilting, it’s very clean, simple and modern. I topstitched around the edge to define the edge and close up the gap I used to turn it. I am completely in love with this quilt, and it’s quite cuddly, just as I’d hoped and just in time for some cooler nights ahead.


I am thrilled with the way it came out. Thanks Honeyflower, for making me a birthday present! 🙂


Have a great weekend all, we are off to Maine for my birthday weekend. Wow. It’s been an amazing year…!