I won’t be *that* mom anymore…

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to be ‘that’ mom that is forgetting stuff.  Like, for example – the first visit to the pediatrician’s office when Finn was 4 days old.  We showed up, they stripped him down naked, weighed him and then Alex and I looked at each other realizing our predicament.  The thought hadn’t even crossed our minds until that moment to actually bring the diaper bag WITH us.  It was fully packed and sitting nicely at home, us clueless about its purpose.  But at that moment, it dawned on us.  Diaper bags are for moments like these!  Wow, genius.  The second visit we did manage to get the diaper bag to the car, but sadly it did not make it to the office and the doctors and nurses got quite a kick out of our naiveté.  It didn’t stop there for me.  I always seemed to be running late, which meant Finn (who was born New Year’s Day) was constantly underdressed during his winter outings.  His jacket was often unzipped (mine was too) and I’d be sprinting into La Leche meetings an hour late, with a screaming, hungry baby and all the other moms would have their babies on their backs (or tummies -imagine that!) cooing and purring on their cute little play mats, or nursing contentedly while Finn gagged on his milk.  I was lucky to remember a burp cloth.  And my baby spits up ALL the time.  Yet still there never seems to be a cloth available when I need it.  Despite the fact that I make the darn things by the 100’s  (exaggeration).  But I persevered and still left the house mostly every day with my little boy, for walks in the woods, trips to Walmart (of all places (!!), but it was close and had baby supplies that I desperately needed, and heck – it was an outing, right?), and walks in the park with the dog.  I can’t even tell you how many blow outs, forgotten diapers, jackets, burp cloths that occurred on those outings, but it’s the effort that counts.

And Finn is now almost 6 months and I am STILL that mom.  Like last week, for example.  I am rushing to meet our little playgroup at the park, and grabbing things, throwing them in the stroller, my purse, which is jammed full of toys, diapers, wipes, wallet, phone.  I manage to get a water bottle, strap the baby in, tie the dog’s leash to my waist (I do manage to grab a poop bag for the dog!) and rush out the door.  The second I get to the park and meet up with the other half dozen moms who are kindly waiting for me, I notice Finn has a giant wet spot on his pants.  And it’s not just drool.  The poor kid had a massive blowout from the time it took to get from the house to the park (approximately 10 minutes).  And then it dawns on me, I do not have a change of clothes.  I picked them up before I left the house, but they never made it into the bag.  So, I change Finn’s diaper and start to load him in the stroller without anything but a diaper and fortunately one of the other mom’s offers me a clean change of clothes for the baby.  I swear I’m the only one that manages to forget these things!  Fortunately my mom friends are some seriously together ladies so I can count on them in those moments.  But I’d really like to not be THAT mom anymore.  So … I think I’ve solved my problem.  At least the remembering most of the baby supplies part.  The late/rushing part I think will perpetually be a problem for me.  One of those, I try to do too much in a day things, I think.

This here is a changing pad, and it carries diapers, wipes and a change of clothes – and a few other things, I would imagine, if you crammed them in the pockets.  The little elastic around the button means that it will stretch really nicely.  And I can just grab it, throw it in the stroller and GO, or just leave it there, novel!  Check it out:

I’m pretty happy about this little thing.  Really hoping it makes life a little easier.  I said to Alex the other day – you know – I make all these cool baby items, yet never make any for myself!  Well, I took care of that, didn’t I?

In other news, prep for the market on Sunday is going awesome.  I took a vacation day from work today (only 2 more days at my job!!) to get some work done.  I’ve taken 3 breaks since 9AM – twice to pump and once to eat.  It’s an extremely hot day out so I don’t feel too guilty not getting outside today.  Finn went to daycare – I needed to focus 100% of my energy on finishing up my work.  I’m close, I just need to do the quilting on 2 quilts and the binding.  That should be pretty doable by Sunday.

I made a bunch of wet bags this afternoon – loving the fabric.

But before I finished these guys, I had a major pinning mistake.  Guess that’s what late night pinning will get you.  Had to redo it all (glad I noticed after the first one!):

But my stash is growing, yay!  Almost there.  Super excited about Sunday – regardless of whether I sell anything or not.  At least I’ll have a good inventory!

Enjoy the rest of your week all, hope you have fun plans for the weekend!  If you’re in Newburyport, stop in for a visit on Sunday.

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The basics: I love New England (my home), the outdoors, gardening, cooking, sewing, knitting, my kitties, my puppy, my partner in crime Alex and my sons Griffin & Orion, and my family and friends. I occasionally have time to share the things I love here. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “I won’t be *that* mom anymore…

  1. Thank you! I got the wetbag fabric from fabric.com. The interior is made out of PUL – same stuff used to make cloth diapers, etc. Exterior is just regular cotton quilting fabric.

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