Where have I been?

Well, I haven’t forgotten about this here blog, but I’ve certainly not had enough time to keep up!  A little four legged creature has been occupying a lot of my free time over the last 4 months, but finally things are starting to return to normal.  Our ‘new’ furry friend is Mesa, an amazing mixed breed adopted from a kill shelter in Georgia.  She is a gorgeous mix of fuzzy cuteness.  Completely irresistible, paired with an active, super friendly personality.  No one can complain.  The training and the lifestyle adjustment is what has taken the most time.  And puppies, well – they need your time.  Even though I typically get out for a run at lunch almost every day – you can’t (supposedly) run a puppy like that, so – that means in addition to my hour or so workout a day, I also needed to find the time for an additional hour for walking, not to mention the training and classes and house breaking… wow, lots of time commitment!  But we are thrilled to welcome her to our home and now can’t even imagine not having her around.  Now she sleeps on her bed in my studio while I sew away, and she’s only managed to walk off with one ball of yarn, which I did manage to salvage.  Not bad for a puppy!!

In review … 2010 was my first year of quilting.  And I was actually shocked when  I realized how much I accomplished in that department.  I managed to complete 11 quilts in total.  And that’s just honest to goodness BED quilts, that doesn’t include the pillow covers and rugs and placemats, napkins, belts…. and other sewn items like skirts, pants, bags… and the hundreds of knitted goods I produced last year.  And no, I am not exaggerating about hundreds.  I mean it.  Whoa. So, needless to say, 2010 was a pretty crafty year.  My first full year in my studio was absolutely amazing.  And 2010 was also full of adventures and more adventures!  It was a good year.

Here’s Mesa:



And I would share a collage of the 11 quilts I did this year, but my iphoto library is in a state of disaster and I can barely find any of my photos.  Yet another reason for not having been online for a while!  What’s a blog without photos.  I am hoping to get that sorted out very soon.  Wish me luck….


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The basics: I love New England (my home), the outdoors, gardening, cooking, sewing, knitting, my kitties, my puppy, my partner in crime Alex and my sons Griffin & Orion, and my family and friends. I occasionally have time to share the things I love here. Enjoy!

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