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So, I had this fantastic idea of sewing the ‘perfect t-shirt’.  Lousy idea, trust me.  For sooo many reasons.  I will forever more be happy to pay outrageous prices for the have-to-have tee from now on.  Seriously.  Even J.Crew‘s overly priced tees.  Which, by the way, is the t-shirt style I attempted to model my very own after.  My thought was, once I perfect the perfect tee, I would then make all sorts of cool reverse applique and applique and embroidery designs and I would have the perfect t-shirt collection.  Not so very easy.  So,  the inspiration of being able to create my own clothing patterns came from a lovely book that I have really enjoyed reading, but does expect some sort of expertise when it comes to having a clue of sewing clothes.  That, to start, is not exactly me.  You have probably seen on this blog all the clothes I made – I think 4 skirts is the sum of all my clothing sewing.  Oh yeah, and loads of the best (and easiest) comfy pants.  Ya really can’t go wrong with either of those!  (probably why the chick who wrote that book has you start with a SKIRT not a SHIRT!)  Oh, just so you know now – don’t get your hopes up – you are NOT going to get to see a pic of the final product.  Nope, not even close.  But let me continue.  So this book, and my idea … starts with …. the joy of having to make a pattern.  How the heck do you make a pattern for a sleeve?  So, I used my trusty most favoritest tee to help guide me, and I even half-assed made a pattern out of muslin.  And it seemed to work just fine.  So it seemed …. So I set out to cutting my pattern in my lovely cream colored cotton knit.  All is well. Man do I dislike cutting knits!  The edges roll almost immediately, making it difficult to line up edges (which is critical in sewing).  So I have many odds against me.  I’m no expert, I can’t manage knits and I had to design a pattern (someone who can barely cut a straight line).  Hmmm…. Well, surprisingly the tee really didn’t come out that bad – a couple of very small puckers around the sleeve join, the scoop is a little off on the neck but all in all, not bad.  I sewed the body together and the arms to the body.  And then what?  That seemed hard enough.  Now I’m supposed  to FINISH it??? Aren’t I done yet?  After spending a good hour with my serger trying to find the perfect raw edge finish, I just gave up.  Can’t I just go online and PAY for a perfect tee?????  Which brings me back to the beginning.  I will from now on BUY the perfect tee.  The fact  that someone else is making it will make it even more perfect.  I think I’ll stick to quilting.  And that lovely knit fabric will find another project – sometime way down the road.

So, I said I’d stick with quilting… here’s a little image of the latest and greatest.  For a dear friend.  I know she doesn’t read my blog so the secret is safe!  This is the happy quilt, designed with lots of smiles and happiness associated with it.  I hope she likes it.   (oh and I had lots of help with this project, you’ll see)

So next project, you’ll never guess!  A quilt.  Ahhhhhh.  My comfort zone.  I have the beginnings of the colors all picked out, and Purr and Lily have slept on all of them, so I’m getting very close to cutting it out!  Just need to find the perfect design.  I need to design a new quilt pattern … And with that, I think I’ll go do that!  Have a great week!

xo~ Kate

Published by Kate

The basics: I love New England (my home), the outdoors, gardening, cooking, sewing, knitting, my kitties, my puppy, my partner in crime Alex and my sons Griffin & Orion, and my family and friends. I occasionally have time to share the things I love here. Enjoy!

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