Rain Rain, Go Away

And no, you really don’t need to come back another day.  At least not for a while.  I’m sitting here in my mostly empty studio, with 3 buckets under major leaks catching water from the ceiling.  The brown stains on my ceiling are growing by the second, and my mood is growing more and more sour with every drip.  We’ve had epic rain and wind over the past few days, and not too long before that we had another crazy wind/rain storm.  This isn’t the March that I’m used to!  So my sewing/quilting projects are currently on hold.  We got home from a little visit to West Paris last night, only to find my studio wooly bear carpet DRENCHED through and through with the lovely icky reddish brown water leaking from my ceiling light.  It must have weighed 50 lbs with the water.  Of course I ran downstairs to check the bedroom below, and the water had not only seeped through my carpet, but also my floor, onto the corner of our bed below and the carpet.  What a mess!!  Right now Alex is in his studio and I’m in mine, both of us with our own set of buckets and sour moods.  Tonight I’m having a big glass of red wine and taking my new yarn and hunkering down.  But I’ll write here a little more.

On a better note, my friend Lisa and I participated in a very fun day this past Friday.  A little local yarn shop in Salem organized this lovely thing called a Yarn Crawl.  A bunch of shops on the North Shore participated and over the course of Thursday-Sunday, the goal was to visit as many yarn shops as possible.  Since I was traveling this weekend, I opted to take Friday off from work and have a nice day with a dear friend.  Each shop had their own specials running and for participating, each person gets entered into larger raffles.  Keep your fingers crossed!!  So, my big (and really only) purchase for the day was this lovely beaded silk in a spectacular range of pinks.  Perfect for spring.  I am making pretty good progress on a very nice bias scarf.  I also finished my other spring scarf and it is being blocked as we speak.  I made it  with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in a nice creamy white color.  It’s very pretty.

I’m also working on 2 quilts – 1 is a beachy-type vintage quilt (I think I mentioned it before), and the other is my very own design, and with the pictures I will also post the pattern.  Weee!

Ok, I’m feeling a little better now – must be the wine.  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 60 and hopefully I’ll be able to dry my rug out in the great outdoors, and cheer up my damp mood.

Good night all.

Published by Kate

The basics: I love New England (my home), the outdoors, gardening, cooking, sewing, knitting, my kitties, my puppy, my partner in crime Alex and my sons Griffin & Orion, and my family and friends. I occasionally have time to share the things I love here. Enjoy!

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