Christmas rush

These next couple of weeks my extreme knitting will finally pay off – I have a half a dozen projects to complete by Christmas, some of which haven’t even been thought of yet.  But, I think I’ll manage.  Scarf, hat, purses, drawstring bags… Good stuff.

Today I drafted my first pattern based on one of my very favorite hats.  Hope to try that out tonight and see how it goes.  It’s pretty cool, though.  Been thinking about re-creating that hat for as long as I’ve been knitting.  I’ll post it up when it’s done.  Hope it goes well.

On another note, skew designs (my ‘branding’) has bags for sale at (one of) my local yarn stores in Beverly.  There should be a couple available for sale there by Wednesday!  Check out Yarns in the Farm in Beverly and buy one!  They came out beautifully, with gorgeous Amy Butler and Anna Maria Horner fabric.

Published by Kate

The basics: I love New England (my home), the outdoors, gardening, cooking, sewing, knitting, my kitties, my puppy, my partner in crime Alex and my sons Griffin & Orion, and my family and friends. I occasionally have time to share the things I love here. Enjoy!

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